by Cold Hand Of Malice

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released March 30, 2012



all rights reserved


Cold Hand of Malice Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Synthetic
It's here to stay.
It satisfies me just the same.
Alternate Immobilisation taking hold.
Its lethal explosion on our lives has tied it to our future.
Torn between truth and fabrication.

Plague is released upon us all,
Lingering dead suspended above the cinder.
We are sinking deeper.
Our darkened world is falling.

Deeper into the abyss.
Walk with me Into the nightmare.
Walk with me and prepare your crooked face.
Light up that smile.

Persistence fights this pathetic debate.
Experience the Truth.

You rob us of free will.
We've poisoned ourselves,
just to feel the same.
Strength beyond those before.

Upon the pinnacle you must decide.
Some will flourish, but some may die.

I Don't believe everything you've been told is fair.
Perhaps you've been misinformed.
They'll hide the world away.
Track Name: Cold Hand Of Malice - Foulborn
Escape in memories,
Sink unbound in agony.

Self obsession is a foul disease,
Attention seeking cowards.
Abandoned by default.

Lay waste my icy fingertips
a strategy, so bold
the legacy remains untold
unsuccessful redemptions,
unbid extermination,

Generations of death feed unfaithful tendencies.

The day has come, to witness the fears of all.
Another cycle in the midst of doom.

Back away,
run for cover.
mind keeps twisting.

The next day, it tore the earth down.
I'll treat you the way, you want me to.
If never again was an option,
I'll treat you the way you force me too.

Don't talk to me about what you don't know.
There's just no time for your pathetic claims,
don't talk to me.

It goes on and on,
we could never force it still.

We'll drag you into the water.
Track Name: Her Fallacy
Bleeding, Salivating and
Feeding this whore.
Sweating, violated she lies on the floor.

Swallow the fixation.

Weeping, Agitated yet,
Dying for more.

Open wider.

Take it in,
You don't need freedom.
Public Disgrace,
A malignant blow to your esteem.

Amount to nothing,
Worthless and used.
Just a hollow Impression of something real.

Let it tear you.

Do you feel it now?
With a fist in your body.
A pain repeatedly endured.

Your body will heal in time.
Track Name: Cold Hand Of Malice - Sentenced To Death
Running out of breath.
Choking on lies.
We'll escape to the other side.

I will not forget.
where I came from.
But it holds me down and.
I can't believe I've stayed this long.

Solidified and aged by time.
It's time!
the horror story unfolds.

Hear me.
The line you tread is thin.
I won't think twice to cut your throat.

Craving redemption.
Suffering within the storm.
Caught in the crossfire.

Overused obsessions.
Challenged to survive.
It's a one way ticket into shrouded uncertainty.

This place is poison.
You won't see me here anymore.
Unforgiving wasteland.
It never ends.

A home without mercy,
Escaping the mind.
Cursed with ignorance,
A name forgotten.
Attempts on your life,
should be expected.
It's only natural,
to feel threatened.

Struggling behind your walls,
you've fallen.
Humiliation too great to bear.


My life is a growing mess,
structured failure.
If here must be where I fall,
Then you're coming with me.
Track Name: Cold Hand Of Malice - Preacher Of Insolence
Write me,
a paragraph of lies.
Never ending superficial babble.

A painless way to label yourself forsaken.
Ants are social creatures.
This is a waste.

In just a moment,
Your hollow words will fade away.
Empty promises riddled with failure,
Redemption of integrity decays.

Self loathing frames of monotony.
Dependant on the approval of others.
Altercation is evolving in the corner of my eye.
From my vantage point I will perform genocide.

I won't give you the attention,
I won't give you the satisfaction.
I refuse.

I'm not alone here.

I'll do what I need to do,
This is no place for your problems.
No one could ever notice you leave,
you lead the life of a moron.
Only one thing is absolute,
You are waste.
Track Name: Cold Hand Of Malice - The Fearless
It goes on and on!
feeding and feeding.
a crime, with no, remorse, is fading.
On and on!
trying to survive under water.
A new born is dead.

no more than a gutted pig.
Despicable mistake.
Your fortune is in exile.

You are condemned.
Imprisoned of freedom.
All you leave is a corpse to fester

It's not going to go away.
It's here to stay and its suffocating.

Feast on suffocating population.
No prophecies of truth.
Fear and manipulation is,
seated at the throne.

The remains of a dying world lies beneath.
Empty promises, hollow words.

The remains of a dying world lie beneath,
Gripping palms of asphyxiation.

Violently abused, intentionally neglected.
we look up to nothing,
we've woken up to ourselves.

Nobody's trying
I can't believe my eyes.
It's dark in my tomb.
A string of lies keeps me from falling apart.
Track Name: Deluder
Taken from those that care most.
Forcing yourself to the end of your time.
Lift your head and wake to no one familiar.
Your home is far away,
But it's here that you lie,
Scared and Alone.

We'll show you what it means to be afraid.
Journey across a broken mind.
Untouched by time itself,
the plague of our existence.
You have everything to fear.

Fearful of whats to come,
Afraid to move on.
Alone in a growing world.
The bitter end had begun.

Only time will tell.
Stricken by your actions,
We've cut our feet on knives,
as we try to balance ourselves.

These walls where made with you,
Now discover the Universe.

Look at yourself,
Dancing with the key to the end.

You'll never get another chance.

Understand that we can't stop for you.
Maybe in another life, my friend.